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About Lynn-


“Lynn Wheat is a dedicated citizen of Elk Grove. She has been unselfish in her commitment to our city. Lynn has gained great knowledge and understanding of issues coming before the City Council through many years of active participation. She has already proven herself to be dedicated, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Lynn would be an asset to the City of Elk Grove if elected to City Council District 3 seat in November.”
-Diane Owen Resident of Elk Grove

“At least I know where you stand, you work hard, you are honest and I trust you. I wish you all the best in this endeavor. Stay True.”
-Maribeth Krueger Resident of Elk Grove

“Lynn Wheat will work for what is best for the people of Elk Grove. I have been a resident of Elk Grove for 30 years and have known Lynn for 25 years, she is honest, hardworking and has dedicated a great deal of time attempting to make City Council work for what is best for the people of Elk Grove not what is best for the developers and themselves. I am a business owner, homeowner, and landlord in the city of Elk Grove.”
-Connie Bellos Resident of Elk Grove and Business Owner

“Lynn Wheat has been following the Elk Grove City Council and its policies such as growth and urban sprawl for many years. She often speaks to the Council during public comments and has a great sense of humor, such as when she brought a piece of asphalt to give to the Council as a sign of a road that needed to be repaired. And a poster that she made about creating a Mellow Ruse exercise room for city employees.
Lynn probably knows more about the history of Elk Grove city growth and politics than all but just a few residents, not counting the City staff and politicians. Or more than anyone other than the City staff.
She is running for City Council. I am supporting Lynn.”
-Mark Graham Businessman and Resident of Elk Grove

“Fellow Elk Grovians:   As 25 year citizens of our city, community activists and neighborhood leaders, we strongly and unequivocally support the candidacy of Lynn Wheat for District 3 City Council. Lynn has spent the last 15 years attending just about EVERY city council meeting and she's spoken regularly to issues that affect us all, not from a politician’s point of view, but rather from a citizen’s point of view. She studies the agendas and researches the items to be discussed and voted on, analyzes whether the staff recommendations are the best avenue for our tax dollars and if not, exposes the shortcomings and offers solutions in open forum.
We all need someone who is trustworthy, hardworking and knowledgeable regarding city business and the way our local government works. No candidate has all of these attributes anywhere near the level of Lynn. She has too much integrity to ever be bought by the developers and she'll always vote on what is best for the citizenry. It's who she is and that's why Elk Grove needs her to look out for us all. No one else has put in the time and the work that she has, week-in and week-out, to assure Elk Grove is the best that it can be. Lynn deserves your vote in November.”
- Steve and Kathy Lee Residents of Elk Grove


"My names is Suzanne Pecci and as a 45 year resident of Elk Grove, I endorse Lynn Wheat to in the Elk Grove 2020 Race for City Council.  Since Elk Grove became a City in 2000, I have known Lynn.  Throughout these years, Lynn has been studying and weighing in on local and regional issues that impact and shape Elk Grove as we continue to grow- increasing our population and expanding city boundaries into surrounding farmlands.Lynn has made it her the personnel commitment to study and understand the issues in the day-to-day operation of the City. —Lynn wants more jobs for Elk Grove—especially small businesses of which she is highly supportive.  She is critical of replacing areas planned for jobs, with more houses.  I am asking you to vote for Lynn Wheat for City Council District 3. Lynn is well prepared to make important policy decisions and vote on issues that impact our daily lives and our wallets on the first day she takes her well-earned seat on our city council. Vote for Lynn Wheat Elk Grove City Council 2020." 
-Suzanne Pecci, Resident of Elk Grove                                                                                               

"The first time I became aware of Lynn Wheat was years ago at a city council meeting. She spoke of her concerns on issues faced by Elk Grove. I was impressed by her knowledge of the subject and her passion. What I have found over the years is Lynn studies the agenda for the next meeting and then she digs into the issues to be presented.  You can ask Lynn anything about Elk Grove, whether it be water issues, budgeting, housing, traffic, city growth, and the impact the city council’s decisions for     Elk Grovians.  I’ve met few people who care about us, not just today, but for our future generations.  She is a common-sense based citizen and it would benefit you to listen to what she has to say. Go to her website, speak with her and consider her for your vote, especially if you would like to see a working council with a clear agenda … benefiting Elk Grove."   
- Jacquelyn Canoose, Resident of Elk Grove                        
















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